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Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Internet Service Provider in Indonesia

There are many choices of internet service providers in Indonesia, how do you determine the best one for you? Just as when you want to choose a service for the long term, choosing the best internet service for you must be followed by several considerations. Some of the factors to consider are price, speed, range, features, and capacity. Take a look at the following points to choose the best internet home plan.

1. What is your home internet for?

The first step in choosing an internet service provider is determining internet usage activities. How do you actually use the home internet? Is it to play online games? To stream videos? Or mostly just for connecting with social media? From here you can determine the internet speed you want.

If you use more of your internet to stream videos on YouTube or download small files, an internet package speed of 10 to 20 Mbps is quite effective for you. But if you use the internet for activities such as web browsing or for checking email and social media, then 5 Mbps speed is quite smooth. As for downloading large files, video calls, or online games, where you have to stream fast and update games, then of course you should choose an internet package that offers high speeds of at least 20 Mbps and above.

Of course, the higher the internet package speed, all internet activities will be carried out smoothly. However, financially, if you are unable to pay the monthly fee, it will be a problem. So make sure you know the needs of internet users first before choosing it. After you determine the speed you need, it’s time to compare internet package speed options in Indonesia.

2. Most economical home internet prices

This is an important factor that should be on your list of considerations. You have to ask how much rupiah you dare to spend on internet service needs.

With the existing budget, you can then determine what type of internet plan or package to use. From here, you can also determine which ISP offers packages at the right price. If you only need a cheap internet package with fairly fast internet speed, then the MyRepublic internet provider will be for you. MyRepublic offers packages at affordable prices with satisfying service.

MyRepublic offers internet packages with prices starting from IDR 329,000 per month, with speeds of up to 30 Mbps for download and 15 Mbps for upload speeds. You can enjoy an unlimited quota for all family members. The installation fee is IDR 500,000, but if you join the online promo program, this fee is free. You are also charged a fiber router rental fee of IDR 30,000 / month and an administration of IDR 5,000 / month, but with such a low monthly fee, you are guaranteed nothing to lose!

If you have more budget and are okay with paying a little more in annual fees, you can choose the SuperNova package from MyRepublic. The monthly fee is IDR 1,199,000 and you can enjoy speeds of up to 300 Mbps! If you have a large number of internet users and need the internet to download files or video calls, this package will be suitable for you.

When looking for an ISP for your home, don’t forget to always read the terms and conditions page on their website. Usually, it is on this page that they list the complete price. So far, of all the internet packages available, if you want a cheap offer then MyRepublic can be a consideration. Apart from the internet package, for a small additional monthly fee 62 cable TV broadcasts will be provided to you.

3. How many people will use it?

As more and more people use the internet, then you have to choose a package that can be used by many gadgets or laptops. For example, this internet is a facility in your boarding house. If the number of rooms is 5 with a capacity of 2 people per room, then you must have internet that can be used by at least 11 gadgets or more. Thus, users will have no trouble because of the slow loading of the page or the download process.

Internet speed is divided based on the number of devices using the internet. For example in one house, and you are using internet service with a speed of 20 Mbps. 20 Mbps is sufficient for online gaming and streaming, but if users reach more than 20 devices and each device downloads files or streams videos, there will be lag for online gaming and a buffer for streaming videos.

Many users will require that you use an internet package with more speed. Biznet itself offers internet packages that can be used starting from 10 gadgets at once with a speed of 50 Mbps. The package can be used by 11-20 gadgets at once with a speed of 100 Mbps. This ISP is recommended for use in homes with more than 7 occupants, or for use in boarding houses.