Tips on Saving on Wedding Catering Budget

One of the biggest expenses, when married, is food. The price of a catering wedding package is expensive. Especially if there are thousands of invitations. Hence, we have to make plans in financing wedding catering. Don’t let the wedding budget run out almost entirely to the catering.

Or to have to go into debt just to pay for the meals of these invited guests.

Tips on saving on “catering pernikahan

Actually, there are many ways to keep wedding costs up. Particularly in the catering sector, we must be brave enough to break the generosity of wedding receptions if we want to save money. Here are tips on saving on wedding catering.

1. Adjust the budget

Do you want to bother thinking about catering fees before or after the reception? If you choose after, you don’t need to use the budget. Directly order catering and serve it to guests. Even though you choose the cheapest package, it doesn’t mean that the wedding costs will be cheaper either. Because you don’t have a budget! Budget is important in activities like this. Even the budget is mandatory in everyday life, not only when going for activities. Without a budget, our financial life will be messy. Included in wedding receptions. If there is no budget, expenses for anything will not be tracked.

2. Cut down on rice

Look at personal experiences when you come to a wedding. Surely take a little rice, whether it’s white rice, “nasi tumpeng“, or fried rice. You see, people tend to prefer to eat huts. The food in the hut is generally not eaten everyday. Unlike those in the middle, such as rice, soup, fried chicken, or fish. For example, a package from the catering was 20 kilograms of rice. Can you ask to reduce it to just 10 kilograms. But, with compensation the package price is reduced, yes.

3. Focus on the hut

As said before, people usually focus on the huts. We must also be the same. The hut is the key. To save money, reduce the menu portion at the middle table. For example, the price of the middle package is IDR 2 million, while the hut is IDR 500 thousand per hut. Just make Rp1 million a middle meal. The shack is still Rp. 500 thousand is fine, as long as it matches the number of guests. But if you can, add IDR 100,000 so that the portion is more. Guests usually comment on the food in the hut more often than in the middle, especially the goat. How come? Just enter the building and immediately choose a place near the goat meat hut. Hey, admit it!

4. Enough water Instead of using soft drinks for serving, it’s better to drink lots of water. The main reason, of course, because it is more economical. Just look, the price of 1 liter of soft drinks can be the same as the price of 2 liters of mineral water. After all, both of them function to relieve thirst. In addition, water is healthier than soft drinks. The guests, especially the elderly ones, certainly prefer plain water for health. Agree? * while holding the wallet.

5. Use only the fill This is, a tradition in a very wallet-friendly reception. In Solo, there is a tradition of serving a portion of the reception. The presentation, which is often referred to as the Flying Saucer, is more accessible to the budget. The name flying saucer because food is served per plate, then served one by one by the waiter.

The concept is like in a western restaurant, you know. There are appetizers until dessert. The menu is usually: Bread + croquette/ solo sausage and sweet tea Galantin chicken soup Liver fried chili rice Fruit ice Now it’s complete. Cheap too.

However, marriage is a sacred event that cannot be underestimated. Especially about food. Guests are sometimes a bit complicated to comment on these lack of food. That is why, in addition to ensuring savings, we must ensure that food is delicious to eat. Not just cheap. If you want to save more, we can turn our attention to other expenditure items. To a building, for example, look for something cheap but steady. Likewise about efficient wedding decorations. What is clear, there are always cheap ways to get married. It’s up to us, willing and able or not to do it.

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