The Importance Of Data Centers For Information Technology Infrastructure In Indonesia

When we discuss IT infrastructure requirements, the data center is a top priority. Today’s data center can be seen as a key business parameter, and not as an external facility for information storage and business operation models. The data center is very important for the functions of large business companies.

Any disruption in data center operations can really cost a business if you don’t have an efficient backup strategy. The data center is a facility consisting of a computer network and storage used by businesses or other organizations to organize, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data

Data centers also function as principal repositories for all kinds of IT equipment, including servers, storage subsystems, networking switches, routers and firewalls, as well as the cabling and physical racks used to manage and connect IT equipment. Importance of Data Center in IT Infrastructure

1. Uninterrupted power supply

The data center must have a good power supply system. Usually, if there is a power outage, generally the battery bank will provide data until the diesel generator comes in. This ensures that there are almost no interruptions in the power supply. This indicates that a higher server uptime.

2. Security

Security (security) is one of the most crucial features that clients need in a data center. All physical access is fully controlled. Identity can be confirmed via biometrics and all activities are video-login. A business usually relies heavily on the applications, services and data contained in the data center, making it the main focus and important asset in daily needs.

3. Processing and Storage

With the new multicore processors on the market today, in a data center processing speed can be increased in a matter of hours. Additional storage can also be added as needed.

4. Plenty Choices for IP Providers

High speed internet is essential for e-commerce. Considering the reach most needed by online businesses in today’s world, multiple IP service providers are located in one location.

This has proven to be very beneficial instead of subscribing for individual connections. There is a capital savings of simply renting a connection for a certain period of time instead of buying dedicated channels.

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