Indonesian Television Plagiarist, Running Out of Ideas Again?

The Korean Drama series ‘Squid Game’ is a series that takes quite a long time in the manufacturing process. The director of this series even started thinking about the concept since 2008. No wonder so many people follow the trend of the series. However, what this Indonesian TV station did was plagiarism. We all know that plagiarism is plagiarizing or taking essays, opinions, and so on from other people and making them look like their own compositions and opinions. Plagiarism can be considered a crime because it steals the rights of others. As regulated in Law no. 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright. This is why filmmaker should consider registering their work of art to WIPO indonesia.

To be honest, I think it’s been a long time since Indonesian television has paid attention to the quality of the shows that are presented. The concept of the story that is made up to the execution also always seems rushed and careless. The plots that are made are also often out of the original concept of the story, including in the soap opera ‘Dari Jendela SMP’. The question that often pops into my head is ‘Did the creative team run out of ideas? Do you have to always follow the existing trends to be used as a reference story?’. I have always felt that the characteristic of Indonesian soap operas is to follow whatever is currently booming and I think that is a strange thing.

Long before this plagiarism problem, I had seen a snapgram of one of the scriptwriters for Indonesian TV soap operas. In the snapgram he said that actually not a few of them had a good story concept but when it was close to the shooting day, the director was asked to change the script again on the grounds that it was less attractive and did not suit their target market. That is, here is that they assume that their target market is people with low taste. So, it is not suitable if given a good and weighty story. He also mentioned that he was often asked to revise his story a few hours before filming.

Imagining this, it is not surprising that the stories in Indonesian soap operas are less mature and seem rushed. Only rely on dramatized stories and trivial stories that cannot be separated from the problem of love.

Whereas initially Indonesian soap operas were not as bad as now. Although the story is still about romance dramas, at least it is still packaged quite well because it takes one week to air on television. There is still time to make a story that is more prepared and not as rushed as it is now. The term is like chasing the show and if you say schoolchildren, SKM (System Speeding Overnight). I also cannot deny that the biggest goal of producing soap operas is none other than to get the maximum turnover.

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