Heroes Terbaik Sebagai Core di MLBB

Here are some examples of the best Hero Cores in Mobile Legends, you could use them to learn core mobile legend.

1. Helcurt (Killer)

This hero has a silence effect that can make the enemy not move.

In addition, there is skill 3 which makes the view invisible. Another ability is escaping which is very useful when the enemy is ganging up on you.

Unfortunately Assassin is not suitable for novice players. It takes experience and expertise to control this one hero.

2. Miya (Sniper)

Miya will become an overpowered hero after receiving a revamp and buff from Moonton.

Damage and speed in attacking enemies are overwhelmed. This hero becomes hyper by farming continuously and deals tremendous damage in the late game.

However, Miya has a small HP so that the opponent’s hero core is easy to scoop up. Help and protection from tanks is very important for this one core hero.

3. Benedetta (Killer)

Benedetta is a very agile hero and very difficult to kill. Apart from being a core hero, Benedetta is also suitable as damage support, offliner, to split push.

If you are able to control this hero well, it will be easier to win because it is quite difficult to control it.

4. Claude (Sniper)

Claude is a very suitable hero in using the hyper carry system.

Requires a fairly fast farm so that the goods quickly become and are able to show their fangs in the late game.

If so, Claude is able to kill thick heroes like tanks easily.

5. Selena (Killer/Witch)

Many players use Selena as a hypercarry. By doing a combination of skills it will be able to produce extraordinary damage.

Selena is able to do shape changes quite quickly.

However, Selena has a disadvantage because it only offers a combination of skills and abbys traps.

Skill combinations that fail will make Selena easy to lose because enemies can gang up and lock up easily.

6. Ling (Killer)

Ling has the ability to stand up and jump on walls which makes it easier to chase enemies.

In addition, Ling has an effect that can help attack opponents or face enemy attacks.

However, Ling is a hero who consumes a lot of energy so that if he does a little farming, the effect will not be felt.


Mobile Legends Heroes Role 

In addition to the Hero Core in Mobile Legend, there are other roles or roles that are also important to support the team’s victory.


Assassin is a type of hero who has high attack and speed that can rotate anywhere and appear suddenly.

If it reaches a higher level than the enemy, it can kill the opponent’s hero easily. Assassins can kidnap weak heroes like Mage and Marksman.


Fighter is one of the initiators with high defense and attack.

There are fighters who use mana (energy) while others use basic attacks to attack opponents.

Fighters can fight one on one easily because they are capable of dealing high damage.


Mage is the most heroic role that can cause damage from the start of the match.

Mage can dominate various paths and easily kill opponents.

This hero also has various effects such as electricity, ice, fire, and others which are very useful in battle.


Marksman or carry capable of attacking with a long distance and dealing high damage.

Marksman can take cover behind Fighter or Tank and continuously attack the enemy to be more critical.

At the initial level, Marksman should do farming and level up because he is the weakest hero.


Support plays a role in maintaining full HP conditions and keeping negative effects away when battles occur.

This hero must be ready as a diversion when teammates are in critical condition.

When the battle occurs, support should be in the back so as not to become the target of Assassin or Mage.


Tanks have a duty as a shield that is at the forefront of battle to protect other roles behind it.

Health or health points (HP) and defense of the Tank is high but has low attack.

Even so, Tanks can do attacks well to drain the opponent’s health.

To achieve victory in the game, you should first understand What is Core Mobile Legend? and other roles.

Make sure to have teammates who have the ability to carry out the existing roles.

With the cooperation of each player carrying out their respective roles, it will be easier to win the battle.

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