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Development and Types of ISPs in Indonesia

The development of internet service in Indonesia began to appear when entering the 90s, especially in 1995 which was marked by the large invasion of the first Internet Service Provider (ISP). This ISP appears to answer market needs with speeds or bandwidths of 14.4 kbps to 28.8 kbps. Over time, the existence of ISPs has also emerged in Indonesia. Even today the number can be said to be very fast and among internet service providers have their own ways and services to attract consumers and the market. Especially for large companies like the media.

Classification, function and type of ISP

ISPs or internet service provider companies also have their own classifications. This is based on the function and type of the ISP and the needs of its consumers. The functions and types of ISPs based on these needs are as follows:

ISP hosting

The first classification is Internet service that focuses on internet hosting services. This company will provide all the necessities needed for websites and internet access for consumers who are usually large companies. For example, the services are creating email, web-hosting to online data backup storage services. In addition, other services include virtual servers, cloud-based internet services to physical server operations.

ISP access provider

Second is the ISP access provider. This company is not only limited to hosting services but also includes the provision of internet devices for companies that need fast access. For this reason, this internet provider also provides hardware such as ADSL and ISDN cables to optical fiber to metropolitan ethernet or known as metro-e. Usually, large companies that use ISP services are companies engaged in the media sector.