5 Must Have Side Dishes in Nasi Tumpeng Kuning

In ancient times, nasi tumpeng kuning was made in various rituals aimed at balancing human relations and supernatural powers, so as to create a prosperous and prosperous life. But nowadays, nasi tumpeng kuning can be made by anyone and served in various events, be it a thanksgiving event, a birthday, to a gathering with the closest people.

The main characteristic of tumpeng rice is a mound of rice printed in a cone shape, which is placed in the middle of a collection of various side dishes that are appetizing. What are the contents and side dishes of the tumpeng rice?

Tofu and tempeh

You can use tofu and fried tempeh or dry tempeh potatoes. The combination of crispy potatoes and fried tempeh with sweet and spicy seasonings can certainly make your meal more enjoyable.

This tofu and tempe menu is a side dish of contemporary nasi tumpeng kuning that aims to enrich the taste and add nutritional value to tumpeng rice, so it does not have a philosophy related to culture or history.


In the past, boiled eggs served complete with shells were a mandatory side dish for tumpeng rice. This means philosophically that all the actions we take must be well planned (explored).

Well, if you don’t like the tasteless taste and appearance of boiled eggs, you can choose an omelette. Besides being more delicious, the yellow-brown omelette can also enhance the appearance of yellow cone rice.


Fish is also a mandatory side dish that can only use special types such as catfish, milkfish, or thinly salted fish (gereh pethek).

Catfish is considered to symbolize fortitude and tenacity in life. Meanwhile, milkfish symbolizes an abundance of sustenance like thorns in its body. Another thing with pethek gerehek fish that live in groups symbolizes humans as social creatures who cannot live alone.

Potato patties

Apart from the side dishes above, you can also add potato cakes.


The menus above taste less than perfect without chili sauce. The spicy and delicious taste of the chili sauce is guaranteed to make your meal even more enjoyable.

You can use any type of chili sauce according to taste. Or if you want to be practical, you can add chili sauce to one of the side dishes above, such as boiled eggs for balado eggs or potatoes for balado potatoes.

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